Sarah Mac Donald (Mac Phee) was a great friend of Dan R Mac Donald’s. Dan R wrote the reel “The Red Shoes” for her (which the Red Shoe Pub is named after). Sarah lived on Back Street in Mabou until she as 16 and then moved away. She loved to dance whether it was highland dancing or step dancing and she always wore different shoes, including her red shoes, that Dan R wrote the reel for.

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October 8, 2010
Mairi Rankin, Howie MacDonald, Hilda Chaisson
With Scottish pipers: Angus MacKenzie, Angus Nicolson, Calum MacCrimmon & Fin Moore
and Dancers Tara Rankin & Blair MacDonald
(Photos by Kimberley)


Jun 29 Sunday Matinee Willie Kennedy & Robbie Fraser
Jul 15 Sunday Matinee Buddy MacMaster with Joey Beaton, guest Robbie Fraser
Aug 13-15 Suppertime Music Qristina & Quinn Bachand
Jun 01 Grand Opening 2007 Rankin Sisters, Mairi Rankin & Mac Morin
Oct 2006 Celtic Colours Ceilidh Glenn Graham, Allan Dewar & Patrick Gillis
Oct 2006 Celtic Colours Ceilidh Kimberley Fraser with Tracey Dares MacNeil & more
Sep 08 Friday Night Ceilidh Howie MacDonald & Friends
Sep 03 Sunday Matinee Kinnon, Betty & Andrea Beaton, Allan Dewar & more
Jul 12 Suppertime Music Mairi Rankin & Robbie Fraser
Oct 11 Celtic Colours Evening Andrea Beaton with Troy MacGillivray & more
Oct 10 Celtic Colours Evening Jerry Holland & Marion Dewar, John Pellerine
Oct 09 Sunday Matinee Dougie MacDonald & Mac Morin
Sep 04 Sunday Matinee Buddy MacMaster
Aug 13 Glenn Graham CD Release Glenn Graham, Mac Morin & Patrick Gillis
Aug 11 Wing Night Featuring Mikey MacDonell
Jul 24 Sunday Matinee Mairi Rankin & Mac Morin
Jul 10 Sunday Matinee Andrea Beaton, Cheryl Smith & Joel Chiasson
Jul 03 Sunday Matinee Ian MacDougall & Mac Morin
Jun 27 Sunday Matinee Willie Kennedy & Kenneth Joseph MacDonald
Jun 19 Sunday Matinee & After Session Various Musicians
Jun 14 Rita MacNeil TV Special Taping Outside Pub
Jun 12 Jam After John Allan Tribute Various Musicians
Jun 05 Sunday Matinee Howie MacDonald & Mac Morin
Jun 03 Official Opening Various Musicians
2005 Miscellaneous Parade and diabetic bike run

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 "The Red Shoe Pub Jig" - Kinnon Beaton

"The Red Shoes" Reel - Dan R. MacDonald